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25669[OSX] ImageFuser 0.5.5 released: HDR output, "check for updates" function, more flexible batch naming

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  • Harry van der Wolf
    Jan 2, 2009
      Hi Mac users,

      First of all: A happy and healthy 2009 to you all.

      I just released a new version of ImageFuser being 0.5.5. See changelog for
      0.5.5, 0.5.4 and 0.5.3 (last two not announced). As you can read I built an
      automatic "check for updates" function. It means that I won't need to spam
      ;) this mailing lists as often as I did the past two months. For the time
      being I myself am quite happy with the functionality right now so progress
      will slow down (I think, but you never know if something interesting will
      appear on the horizon or someone asks me to implement a function I myself
      think is very interesting).

      *0.5.5* 02 January 2009
      * Implemented a more flexible way to give names to your "batch fused" or
      "batch HDR" images.
      Options are:
      - <prefix><separated by><autonumber>
      - <first image name><separated by><last image name>
      - <prefix><separated by><first image name><separated by><last image
      <prefix> is a name that can be freely chosen. <separated by> is - (hyphen), _
      (underscore), . (point) or nothing. <image name> is without extension.
      (And I'm open for useful additions to this naming options)

      *0.5.4* 24 December 2008
      * Implemented an automatic "Check for updates" function. From now on you
      will get a popup when a new version is available.

      *0.5.3* 23 December 2008
      * ImageFuser can now also create HDR images (button "Create HDR" and menu:
      Options -> Create HDR). This option is also available
      from the batch mode.
      * Changed button "Add bracketed set" to "Open bracketed set" as it gave
      confusion. You can't add addtional sets. You open a set to
      work with.
      * Added more tooltips (help). They are now on almost any text, slider or
      button. If you hover your mouse over it you will see it.

      As always:
      Further info, screenshots and download: Go to my website



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