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25662A compiled list of sites with VR's Objects as well as panos

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  • Matt Smith
    Dec 31, 2008
      I had a thought go through my head the other day. The new year is
      starting and the economy is in the tank(in the US at least). Everyone
      is out trying to get more work, and the prospective clients are
      tighter with their budgets then they have ever been. My idea came from
      the Panodigg.com post from a while back.

      The long and short is, how do we make a list of sites that use our
      technologies so that writers and reporters have a centralized location
      to get meat for their stories, and we have a database of "case in
      points" to move our prospective clients.

      The best possible way would be a location that is not affiliated with
      any one photographer, but it would give a library or directory with
      industry specific examples.

      Keep in mind that my thoughts are towards the OBJECT side of vr's and
      not the Pano side, but this listing may work for both sides.

      My beginnings of the idea started here

      Bash me, burn me, through me under the bus, this was just an idea.

      Matt Smith
      starting a Revolution in Photography
      Indianapolis, Indiana USA