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24314RE: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Orchestra panorama

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  • Sacha Griffin
    Nov 4, 2008
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      That looks really scary. Have you ever had an accident?

      I prefer using a tripod with a center column, then you can raise it and
      swing it back over the nadir, and use a counter weight on the center columns

      This is very stable. I don't mark the tripod footprint, but I probably
      should, as sometimes I don't get enough coverage.

      Viewpoint is good, even for our methods, to handle any unfortunate parallax
      errors. Or it lets you be a little sloppier and quicker.

      Sacha Griffin

      Southern Digital Solutions LLC




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      > keith, why 90 degrees, and not 180? it would seem that 180 would keep
      > the "two arms" as far as possible and might not be worse.
      > cheers, pedro

      Why even take a downshot with the panohead in it.
      I guess most of us who use a fullframe fisheye take -10 or even -15 down
      completely removes the need for a downshot with the head in it.

      For the very small area left in the nadir you do not even need to dismount
      the camera if
      you use my method.

      Taking a perfect nadir is in most cases done in less than 30 seconds by
      tilting the tripod.
      You can do it without any support as long as you do not need very long

      And you can even stitch it in PTGui without using viewpoint.


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