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24312[PanoToolsNG] Re: Orchestra panorama

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  • Keith Martin
    Nov 4, 2008
      Sometime around 4/11/08 (at 11:23 +0000) pedro_silva58 said:

      >keith, why 90 degrees, and not 180?

      Heh. You'd be forgiven for thinking that my brain misfired when I
      typed that. But actually, if you have a pano head with a lower arm
      that projects out from the base in both directions (to allow
      adjustment for different camera bodies) then a 180 degree turn
      wouldn't be ideal.

      The 360P Absolute head doesn't have an arm that projects out on the
      far side of the base, so 180 degrees is a good option there. The 360P
      Adjuste, Nodal Ninja heads, QuickPan Pro and some others have arms
      that do project out in this way, so something other than 180 degrees
      is best.

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