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24307Re: [PanoToolsNG] Orchestra panorama

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  • Keith Martin
    Nov 3, 2008
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      Sometime around 3/11/08 (at 20:43 +0000) Robert Slade said:

      >Do you mean you move the tripod legs so that you can see what was
      >previously hidden behind them?

      Oh no no no... not until the third nadir shot anyway. :-)

      You *are* using a proper pano head of some sort, aren't you? What I
      meant was that I rotate the camera (using the spherical pano head
      arm) so it points downwards, at the base of the pano head and the
      tripod, and take a shot, then turn the whole thing 90 degrees and
      take another shot. Each shot has the pano head base in the middle and
      the arm going up one side, but the second shot has a section that can
      be used to mask out the pano head arm in the first shot.

      Doing this without a proper pano head (homemade or commercial) is
      always going to be difficult at the very least. Certainly not
      impossible, but not at all easy or reliable.

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