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24293Viewpoint optimizing WAS RE: [PanoToolsNG] Orchestra panorama

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  • Mark D. Fink
    Nov 3, 2008
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      > The problem I had using viewpoint correction in PTGui was that it worked
      > better by including the shifted nadir in the optimization!
      > Probably this problem was caused by my technique. I have a tripod with
      > an invertible head, so I took the nadir by inverting the head. The
      > viewpoint displacement was therefore about six inches vertically instead
      > of to one side. I don't know if this is allowed by PTGui even when I
      > untick the "optimize using" box and tick the "viewpoint" box for that
      > image?
      > Currently I am using Pano2VR to create cube face JPGs, cloning out the
      > tripod in the nadir face, then creating a SWF file from these cube
      > faces. This also solves the problem of making the same patches in three
      > bracketed HDR exposures.
      > Regards,
      > Robert Slade

      I've found, by accident, that my first attempt at optimizing for viewpoint
      would be off by thousands of pixels unless I first went into the Panorama
      Editor (Ctrl E) and manually moved just the nadir image so that it was close
      to where it needed to be. Then, optimizing went smoothly with it being 7 or
      fewer pixels off. I now ALWAYS do this step first before optimizing for
      viewpoint and haven't had it fail.

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