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24284Re: [PanoToolsNG] Orchestra panorama

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  • Robert Slade
    Nov 3, 2008
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      Hello Keith,

      Thanks for the information, please see my responses below.

      Keith Martin wrote:
      > > Sometime around 3/11/08 (at 19:42 +0000) Robert Slade said:
      > >I have been trying to create a workflow to
      > >create a nadir without showing the tripod and have had some difficulty
      > >using viewpoint correction.
      > Most of the time I shoot 3 downwards too. The first two are with the
      > head rotated to different points, so I can combine the shots and mask
      > out all but the center,

      Do you mean you move the tripod legs so that you can see what was
      previously hidden behind them?

      > and the third is shot either hand-held (either
      > off or still on the tripod) or with the tripod moved sideways and
      > tipped so the camera is back in the same place. That one's used to
      > fill in the center of the previous composite shot, eliminating the
      > last trace of head and tripod.

      OK, that makes sense.

      > I need to experiment more with PTGui's Viewpoint Correction, but this
      > process has worked well for me.

      The problem I had using viewpoint correction in PTGui was that it worked
      better by including the shifted nadir in the optimization!

      Probably this problem was caused by my technique. I have a tripod with
      an invertible head, so I took the nadir by inverting the head. The
      viewpoint displacement was therefore about six inches vertically instead
      of to one side. I don't know if this is allowed by PTGui even when I
      untick the "optimize using" box and tick the "viewpoint" box for that image?

      Currently I am using Pano2VR to create cube face JPGs, cloning out the
      tripod in the nadir face, then creating a SWF file from these cube
      faces. This also solves the problem of making the same patches in three
      bracketed HDR exposures.

      Robert Slade
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