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24278RE: [PanoToolsNG] Orchestra panorama

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  • Mark D. Fink
    Nov 3, 2008
      >Thanks for the information Jaume.
      >> In this case I shot 8+1+3 (2 nadirs with the nn3 and 1 hand held)
      >What is the difference between the two NN3 nadirs? Presumably the third
      >nadir is without the tripod?
      >Do you then use the PTGui "viewpoint correction" feature to stitch the
      >third nadir?
      >Sorry for the questions, but I have been trying to create a workflow to
      >create a nadir without showing the tripod and have had some difficulty
      >using viewpoint correction.
      >Robert Slade

      Hi Robert,

      I recently updated the wiki on this topic with a video tutorial on viewpoint
      correction. You can find the wiki entry here:
      <http://wiki.panotools.org/Stitching_Nadir_Shots>. The video link is at the
      bottom of the page, or directly here:

      I also have a video tutorial on shooting the nadir shot, (using one of my
      Pinnacle VR heads), that you can see at www.pinnacle-vr.com.

      Hope this helps!

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