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24252RE: [PanoToolsNG] Time Lapse Panoramic VT

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  • Sacha Griffin
    Nov 2, 2008
      All you need to do is make a very long fov cylinder 360 degrees for each
      season .

      Logically, of course the cylinder is still 360, but is a very narrow strip.

      Instead of stiching back the other side, you simply stitch in new content.

      Take a 360 panorama you have already done and output a 1080 fov panorama.
      Then you'll get the concept instantly.

      Alternatively, you can do spheres, but you need to do it in flash, with
      either timers or buttons to make the transitions.

      I think that would be an even better effect.

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      I thought it would be worth asking this again as I didn't get any
      responses last time, and someone on this list must know the answer?

      I recently saw a QT virtual tour of a street scene which started in
      daylight but turned more and more into a night scene as the viewer
      panned to the right.

      I can't find the link anywhere.... but was hoping someone could tell me
      please how this can be done and what software is required?


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