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24249java 6 Update 10 feature

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  • wardnet2001
    Nov 2, 2008
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      I just updated to java 6 Update 10 and notice a feature. It's possible
      to drag a java panorama out of the browser window and actually onto
      the desktop - do this by "alt" dragging on the panorama - then you can
      close the browser and the panorama is still there.

      Here is a link to an immervision pano

      Note - size the browser window smallish to give yourself space on the
      desktop onto which you can alt drag. You can alt drag the pano about
      the desktop.

      (Note - I stopped using immervision a while ago because my web server
      did not recognise the ".ivp" extension (I,m now FPP) so in the source
      code of this particular pano webpage the ".ivp" text has been renamed
      to ".mov", as has the actual .ivp file - it does work but I hope not
      to cause any confusion, it is actually an immervision .ivp file I'm
      serving up here.)

      To allow this dragging of a an applet place
      <param name="draggable" value="true">
      in the source code.

      I cant think of a good application for this feature, but I'm sure
      someone will

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