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24232Re: Pano2VR makes different default cubefaces

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  • Hans Nyberg
    Nov 1 11:24 AM
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      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "fierodeval" <fierodeval@...> wrote:
      > Hi Thomas,
      > I saw this behavior too, if I open a 4000x2000 panorama, then the
      > default cubeface is width/4 = 1000. But if you use width/4 you are
      > loosing quality in all the cubeface, not only in the edges of the
      > cubeface. If I display a MOV with 1000x1000 cubefaces I see the same
      > quality than with a 3140x1570 equirect.
      > I don't understand when you say "loose quality in the center" or
      > "sharp line near the cube face". If you modify the cubeface you change
      > the quality in all the cubeface, not only in the center or in the
      > edge. Or maybe I did not understand anything?
      > Another issue about Pano2VR. I always ask me what is the practical
      > function of "Optimal" value for the cubeface. This value depends of
      > the window size, but almost all panoramas are shown with a percentage
      > size of the window, not a fixed size. And the existence of an optimal
      > cubesize for a display window size, avoid the possibility to do
      > zoom-in in the panorama, because the optimal value is calculated for a
      > resolution of 1:1 cubeface:screen. Is this correct?

      I agree completelly. The optimal size shown right beside the cubface size is very
      confusing. It is also not relevant today.

      You do not produce movies for zooming in on small displays sizes any more.

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