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24219Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Some more tests on Optimal Cubefaces.

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  • Philipp B. Koch
    Nov 1, 2008
      Erik Krause schrieb:
      > To simplify the calculation you can simply divide by 4.5 (app.
      > pi/0.7)
      > In any case: It might be best to not first reduce the equirect and
      > then create cubefaces but use a good anti-aliasing interpolator and
      > create the smaller cubefaces directly from the larger equirect. This
      > saves one interpolation step.
      Thanks a lot, that really simple :-)

      > BTW.: While photoshop creats nice small JPEGs at good quality it
      > might be no good idea to use it for cubefaces stripes. In any stripe
      > there are at least two joints where the single cubefaces don't fit.
      > At these joints the jpeg compression creates artifacts that are later
      > visible in the resulting panorama. See
      > http://www.photopla.net/wwp0703/stripes.php for details.
      > If I remember correctly Pano2VR and Pano2QTVR create stripes using a
      > different compression scheme near the edges, which avoids these
      > artifacts.
      I'm using Eric Gerds' DOSUP (Pano2Faces.bat) for conversion. As far as I
      know it's using spline64 as interpolator. So do you think I could expect
      good results when applying the "simplified rule of 70" (e.g. divide
      equirectangular image width by 4.5) here? (Good enough to use it as
      standard workflow)?

      Best regards,
      Philipp Koch
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