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23379Re: converting fisheye to rectilinear

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  • John Houghton
    Sep 30 11:57 PM
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      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, deepika choudary <deepika_gc@...>
      > Can anyone help me with the method or code for converting fisheye
      image to rectilinear image.

      There are several ways to do this, as a Google search for defish will
      show. The most appropriate method would depend on your particular
      requirements and camera/lens combination, and whether you want a PC or
      Mac solution. Is it something you want to do on a regular basis or a
      one-off, and is it in connection with stitching (for nadir patching,
      say) or just general photography purposes?

      PTGui or Hugin can be used, or the Panorama Tools Photoshop plugins
      PTAdjust or PTRemap. Then there may be other options such as LensFix
      LensDoc and PTLens.

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