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21943Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Jael and Noa in the High Sierra

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  • paul womack
    Aug 5, 2008
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      Howard Larson wrote:
      > In my mind, *straight* photography documents an object as it is.
      > *Fabricated* images are arrangements created by the photographer, not
      > objects *as found*.
      > And, yes, your definition of photojournalism is a form of
      > manipulation--the photographer's interpretation of the object if you
      > will--but still encompassed within the idea of straight photography
      > as anyone could encounter the same object as it naturally exists.

      You underestimate the power of the photographer.

      By choosing viewpoints, cropping (or lens length)
      time of day, weather conditions, the thoughtful
      photographer can go a rather long way towards
      "creating" the photograph.

      Given enough variation, an act of selection
      becomes an act of creation.

      e.g. the famous million monkeys with typewriters.

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