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21928Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Jael and Noa in the High Sierra

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  • Uri Cogan
    Aug 4, 2008
      Howard Larson wrote:

      > And, I would hope, there is room for the voice of the traditionalist
      > like myself who is using these tools in a *traditionalist* manner.

      Absolutely yes; the freedom to adhere to whatever "traditionalist"
      values or techniques is all yours, and yet the very notion of
      photographing anything "as it is" eludes me.

      Again, as a journalist I've discovered that my very presence at certain
      events had modified the event, and my choice of what appeared to me as
      worthy of a photo was likely to be influenced by my own biases; on top
      of that, I could easily make a person appear "sinister" or "benevolent"
      by mere choice of lighting and careful timing. So much for "objectivity".

      To sum up - I no longer know what anything "is" though I certainly do
      know how it *appears to me*.


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