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21922Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Jael and Noa in the High Sierra

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  • Uri Cogan
    Aug 4, 2008
      Howard Larson wrote:

      > I don't consider using panotools a deviation from straight
      > photography. In fact, I use panotools not for panoramas but to get
      > large-format images from a small-format camera.

      This business of "straight" vs. "fabricated" images is not too clear to me.

      The only kind of photography that in my opinion, ought not to be
      manipulated at all, appears to be journalistic, and (hopefully, hah...)
      commercial advertising.

      Everything else, it seems to me, is fair game and is more a matter of
      taste than of integrity.

      The above may be too simple... my own experience in photojournalism
      tells me that the mere choice of lens, exposure, composition, and
      processing "manipulates" the final image to some degree, so in a certain
      sense, all photos are "fabricated".

      Cheers, Uri.

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