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21899Jael and Noa in the High Sierra

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  • Paul Fretheim
    Aug 4, 2008
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      Of course it's "fabricated." No one exists as a large and smaller
      version simultaneously!

      The photo itself, however, is quite real. We were there last week. I
      was just messing around with the color of the part of the image with
      Jael in it and accidentally dropped in a smaller version of that part of
      the photo and it reminded me of the feel of the cover of an old Doors
      album (American rock band from the 60s). I just wondered if anybody
      else would find that look interesting. Apparently not . . .

      I don't think Jael liked it either. She hasn't said anything anyway. ;-)
      > Re: Jael and Noa in the High Sierra
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      > hblarson43 <http://profiles.yahoo.com/hblarson43>
      > Sun Aug 3, 2008 5:11 pm (PDT)
      > It looks like a fabricated photo. Nothing one should aspire to.

      Posted by: "Uri Cogan"

      > The clone of the woman (Yael?) appears too similar; it's pasting into
      > the background is too obvious, and the scale of the pasted image
      > relative to the image of the girl does not look "right" to me. I would
      > have tried to flip it horizontally and position it on the other side of
      > the girl, but the lighting of that subject would still be problematic,
      > so it would have been best to use another image of the same person. This
      > can easily be done while shooting the panorama - just re-position the
      > subject that you want duplicated at the next shot in the series.
      Sorry but that is the way my friend spells her name. She is from
      Berlin, Germany.

      I have several other shots from that moment that I could have used. As
      I wrote above, that composition happened by accident when I was trying
      to do something else, and I just wanted to see what others thought of it.

      I like that pano with the multiple images of the little boy in the blue
      t-shirt. To his parents by 4 in the afternoon it probably feels like
      there are six of him running around!

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Paul Fretheim
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