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21043Re: Nikon D700

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  • eli20sf
    Jul 1, 2008
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Keith Martin <keith@...> wrote:
      > Sometime around 1/7/08 (at 16:20 +0000) eli20sf said:
      > >I know it's some where, but can someone tell me what size pano you can
      > >get with shaved 10.5 and FX sensor?
      > >
      > >Can you create sharp full screen panos?
      > You may well have to persuade the camera to use the full sensor when
      > using DX lenses. Isn't that a small issue with the Nikon D3, that a
      > DX lens will, by default at least, set the camera into a mode that
      > only uses the innder DX-sized sensor area?
      > In which case, shaved or not, you'd be using something with a
      > resolution and sensor area of around 6MP - similar to a D70.
      > This can almost certainly be overridden, but how easy is that, and
      > does it have to be done every time a DX lens is attached? Or every
      > time the camera is turned on with a DX lens fitted? I don't mean to
      > put this down, but these are things that are particularly important
      > to pano photographers.
      > k

      THanks - so is the above an ongoing hassle for those FX/10.5 users, or
      are you hypothetically saying it could be? Is there a way for the
      camera to remember what you want settings wise?

      Thanks again ..
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