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20128Re: How much do you charge for a VR?? (re-ignited)

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  • Daley
    May 16, 2008
      Hi Robert, do you mind send a copy off-list to my email as well,
      more than grateful to have it. As I mentioned on another thread, I
      having real hard time to figure out what is the right structure to
      price because from country where I come from, there isn't a market
      for this thing yet. I am alone here and crying for help! So forum
      like this one and ppl like you can really do great help. Thanks

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Georgia Real Tours"
      <garealtours@...> wrote:
      > On 5/14/08, eli20sf <epoblitz@...> wrote:
      > > I'm creating 6880x3440 pano's w/ my
      > > (just got PTGUI this week, so I'll be moving over asap) ... and
      > > just bouncing around with pricing (too afraid to charge to
      much, but
      > > realizing I do quality work,and it take TIME ... AND I want to
      > > charge as much as similar vr photographers doing the same
      > > work).
      > I'm thinking for the generic realtor you are looking at using
      > Mercedes-class equipment in a Pinto-class environment. Okay, maybe
      > Taurus-class environment. It seems to me your equipment is right
      > the commercial/corporate stuff, and if you prefer to do the quality
      > work you're set; I'd concentrate on them as often as possible.
      > OTOH, real estate is more likely to pay for your daily life more
      > quickly, in my opinion. It looks like you are going to have to
      > more shots at higher resolution than you really want; fortunately
      > your precision head you should be able to take a massive chunk out
      > the processing since the stitching ought to be almost trivial for
      > Ironically, I just sat down this evening to create a "package" menu
      > for my prospective clients; as it turns out most people are
      > baffled by a an 8pt font spreadsheet with bizarre words
      > with rows and columns of numbers. I'll spring that on them when
      > ask, but for now I'm just going to give them the 1-page menu which
      > covers everything from an introductory offer to an open-ended
      > high-quality package.
      > Out in Middle Georgia, unlike the Bay Area, housing prices are
      > affordable. Which means that commissions are much lower, as is the
      > cost of living (if you don't count fuel and food these days). That
      > means my pricing is going to be a lot lower than yours needs to be
      > (and you'll find I'm in the vast majority when it comes to
      > cost-of-living vs. the Bay Area). An example is that $75,000 gets
      > a decent 4-bed 2-bath home that is not necessarily within smelling
      > distance of your neighbor, and I've seen TLC vacant homes for $30K.
      > That said, I'll be happy to shoot you a copy of what I've done
      > off-list if you want. Bear in mind, too, that it is a first draft
      > may change; it is merely a reflection on what I feel I can offer
      for a
      > fair price and hoping those fall within what realtors consider
      > reasonable for the price. Feel free to pilfer whatever may help
      > (if that wasn't already implied.) ;c)
      > > and what, on average, most of us are
      > > charing for comparable work.
      > Pssst! Just a reminder.... the Bay Area isn't comparable to most
      > the rest of the world. ;c) Look at average wages for the areas
      > compare as well as average home prices to get a better feel for the
      > "exchange rate" between where you are and where the comp is.
      > Cheers,
      > Robert~
      > --
      > Mid GA: 478-599-1300
      > ATL: 678-438-6955
      > garealtours.com
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