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20097How much do you charge for a VR?? (re-ignited)

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  • eli20sf
    May 14, 2008
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm re-lighting this fire. So I've taken off pricing from my
      website because I felt like I was too high for realtors, and too low
      for corporate/commercial.

      I'm creating 6880x3440 pano's w/ my d200/10.5/360precision/realviz
      (just got PTGUI this week, so I'll be moving over asap) ... and I'm
      just bouncing around with pricing (too afraid to charge to much, but
      realizing I do quality work,and it take TIME ... AND I want to
      charge as much as similar vr photographers doing the same caliber

      I re-read the thread, and it looks like licsensing our work could
      work out. I'm curious to hear more about how each of you figure
      your price structure out ... and what, on average, most of us are
      charing for comparable work. And another question is ... how do you
      break your pricing to get some of the realty market ... cause
      realtors are cheap.

      Thanks again, I hope this isn't a boring subject to most of you.

      Eli Poblitz
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