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19837Re: best method to stitch 2 circular FC-E8 fisheye with ptgui ?

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  • Erik Krause
    May 2, 2008
      On Friday, May 02, 2008 at 12:38, Benjamin Bouville wrote:

      > I'm using a p5100 camera with a FC-E8 circular fisheye (183°). I stitch
      > with Realviz up till now but I want to try with ptgui. Is it possible
      > to stitch two shots of 183° with this very great software and what
      > could be the best method ?

      Load the images, eventually correct Field of View, On Image paramters
      tab (eventually choose "Advanced" interface) in the Yaw column
      manually set second image to 180°, spot preview in pano editor
      (Ctrl+E). If necessary you can try to find some control points in the
      overlap and get an even better alignment. Save the project for later
      use as a template.

      For better results you might want to calibrate your lens. This is
      best done with a 3 shot or 4 shot panorama where you can use the
      control point generator, generate lots of control points and optimize
      for FoV, a, b and c and eventually lens shift (in case of a slightly
      decentered FC adaptor).

      best regards
      Erik Krause
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