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19281Re: [PanoToolsNG] Hugin and HDR from a single RAW file

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  • Keith Martin
    Apr 2, 2008
      Sometime around 1/4/08 (at 15:57 -0700) Huy Hoang said:

      >So, I converted three 8-bit TIFF from RAW for each shot, put those
      >with the same exposure in same directory as an exposure set. Using
      >the same .PTO file for all three exposures, Hugin had no problem
      >creating three identical panoramas at 3 exposures. Enfuse obviously
      >had no problem blending the panoramas together.

      My instinct, such as it is, would have been to make 16-bit TIFFs from
      the RAW file. Is this overkill when Enfusing?

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