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1926Re: [PanoToolsNG] 360-video from Katrina on MSNBC

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  • johnriley
    Sep 1, 2006
      Is this in some Windows-only format? I click on your link,
      on the link that says "360 video tour", then the pictures at
      top rotate around to where it originally was and no video.
      Am I
      just being dense? I don't see anything resembling video.
      warnings that I don't have a proper plugin, etc.


      > MSNBC has some impressive 360-video of Katrina devastation
      > last November shot by
      > Matt Uyttendaele.
      > http://risingfromruin.msnbc.com/tour.html?roadzoom13btn3
      > Some of the video was car mounted, and there is a tour of
      > a man's destroyed house, where you can look
      > around at the holes in the house.
      > Matt says:
      > > This was all shot with a Version 1 Pt. Grey Ladybug.
      > >
      > > The viewer was done in Flash by the MSNBC staff.
      > >
      > > The house video was particularly challenging because it
      > > was all head mounted. My team had to develop some new
      > > software to 'steady- cam' the video in post-production
      > > then an additional piece of software to allow the
      > up-vector to be key-framed.
      > (Some of you may remember Matt from the Savannah VR
      > Summit, when he presented a talk on Interactive Visual
      > Media.)
      > The visual "experience" is changing faster and faster :-)
      > Mike Quan
      > http://www.ivrpa.org
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