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19246Re: [PanoToolsNG] Hugin and HDR from a single RAW file

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  • Bruno Postle
    Apr 1, 2008
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      On Mon 31-Mar-2008 at 20:55 -0700, Huy Hoang wrote:
      >I've been using Hugin to create panorama pictures, but last week I
      >was playing with creating HDR from a single RAW file using Ufraw
      >and Enfuse (for more information on it under Ubuntu:
      >In which order should I use the tools to create HDR panorama?
      >If I use Enfuse first, would Hugin have a problem blending the HDR
      >photos created by Enfuse? Would it affect autopano-sift in auto
      >detecting matching points?

      This is effectively what hugin will do anyway (ie. remap, merge with
      enfuse, then blend with enblend). So you will be ok creating
      'enfused RAW' images and then stitching them with hugin as normal.

      >If I use Hugin first, how do I save the settings in Hugin to apply
      >to several sets of different exposures to get consistency before
      >feeding them to Enfuse?

      With a hugin-0.7.0 pre-release you add all the images as normal and
      let the photometric optimisation figure-out which images are part of
      a stack:


      ..but in your case, as there is no need to align the stacks, it is
      simpler to do the enfuse thing separately.

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