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18604Re: [PanoToolsNG] Silly question about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Keith Martin
    Mar 10, 2008
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      Sometime around 10/3/08 (at 01:05 +0100) Thomas Rauscher said:

      >The problem is that Adobe don't give us access to the Ctrl- or Command
      >Key on Mac OS. I would love to change that but those keys are only
      >available within AIR. See:

      Thomas, thanks very much for responding! This probably isn't the
      ideal forum for this, but the thread led to my request.

      From looking at the Adobe docs the problem seems to be slightly
      different... it seems to indicate that ActionScript 3 on the Mac
      can't differentiate between the Command and the Control key. (Which
      is pretty shocking, frankly!)

      But shouldn't that mean that the Control key should work just as well
      as the Command key? I realise it doesn't, or I wouldn't be burbling
      on about it [grin], but the Adobe docs do seem clear about it:

      On Mac OS, the commandKey property has the same
      value as the ctrlKey property

      On Mac OS, indicates whether either the Ctrl key
      or the Command key is active

      Is this AIR-specific info?
      Any more info would be very welcome!

      Thanks - Keith
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