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18560[PanoToolsNG] Re: Fast Gigapixel Stitching on the Playstation 3

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  • alexandre jenny
    Mar 8, 2008
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      Sony cell's processor is a good processor but it should be more viewed as
      a super GPU than a real CPU. But I'm a bit disapointed about this approach
      from Mr Dersch ... Everyone here has a big graphic card that is far better
      for any image
      manipulation than any CPU will ever be. And stitching is just done in CPU.
      I would not spend such developpement time on PS3 stitching and would
      on using standard GPU to accelerate that. Interface to do that are now
      stable ( CUDA for
      example ), and every paper talking about GPU processing show factor from 10x
      to 100x ...
      Why spend so much time with a PS3 when we can do better with the GPU of the
      ( example : nvidia series 7000, 8000 are enough and technics are cross
      plateform ... ).
      Our internal experimentation about that shows that with GPU processing, a
      10x factor is an
      average of what you can get.
      As a game programmer, I should be happy about this use of PS3, but in fact
      It's perhaps also because of that history that I don't like Sony PS*. It's
      really a nightmare to
      code well. Before doing the game, you that to create the tools to do it : no
      real dev workflow
      are provided like remote debugger, etc. XBOX is far easier to code with.
      Anyway, off topic.

      Alexandre Jenny


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      Congratulations to Helmut Dersch. This is a stunning result!
      If the application evolves beyond prototye, it is be incentive enough to
      buy a PS3 and install Linux :-))))

      mrjimbo schrieb:
      > Hi,
      > I've heard bits and pieces about the power that's in the playstations.. I
      am personally not familiar with them..( I'm used to traditional puters) I'm
      not sure what I'm asking but briefly how does one make them useful for
      things other then games.. What OS are they running..etc.. I apologise ahead
      of time if this is to broad a question.. If so where can one gain a few
      insights as to how to mak euse of thes elittle power houses..
      Sony actively helped to develop a Linux version that runs on the PS3, so
      you can use the console just like a "normal computer".
      The difference is: Current "next generation" game consoles (Xbox, PS3)
      use specialized hardware, optimized for tasks which are common in
      computer games: Media streaming, image manipulation, vector processing
      etcetc... Coincidentally, this is also what you need for fast
      image/panorama manipulation. The Cell CPU used in the PS3 is a derivate
      of the IBM Power CPU (used in their servers and supercomputers):
      http://en.wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_microprocessor>

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