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18547Re: [PanoToolsNG] Silly question about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Keith Martin
    Mar 8, 2008
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      Sometime around 8/3/08 (at 08:00 -0800) Ken Warner said:

      >All those separate entities might be able to agree on one key
      >because it would be to their advantage to do so. And on my
      >keyboard, there's already a key labeled Help.

      On most laptop keyboards there is no Help key, I'm afraid.

      Command-? (Control-? for Windows) might be a better choice; logical
      and not reliant on having an extended keyboard. But what if there
      *is* no help page? Should I have to make one? And how many people
      would actually bother asking for help with some embedded media via a

      What I'm asking for is actually totally recognised, industry-standard
      UI stuff: correct use of standard keys.

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