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18546Re: [PanoToolsNG] Silly question about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Keith Martin
    Mar 8, 2008
      Sometime around 8/3/08 (at 17:47 +0100) pau.cc said:

      >Ken, I think that they are talking about one keystroke using one pf
      >the system keys. Imagine if each time you want to zoom out a panorama
      >apear the windows start menu. That would be similar.

      Yep, that's the general sort of problem. Thanks for helping to clarify it.
      On the Mac, 99.9% of all keyboard shortcuts include the Apple
      (Command) key. Conceptually, that tells the OS to regard the
      keystroke-based signal as a command. (Experienced Mac users know it
      as the Command key, but I'll keep referring to it as Apple here.)

      That key shouldn't do anything on its own; that is a fairly basic
      user interface guideline concept. It is also reasonable for people to
      use the Apple key while a Flash pano is in the foreground window. It
      should not respond to keystroke commands that aren't meant for it.

      So... Flash panoramas REALLY shouldn't use the Apple key for zooming.
      All I can imagine is that a Windows-based developer first did this,
      not understanding how the Apple key is supposed to be used - and this
      was then taken as 'the way to do it' from then on. I guess.


      Denis, Thomas, and any other Flash panorama tool developers out
      there: please could you consider changing this?
      Mac users are often quite sensitive to interface differences, and
      this makes Flash-based panos, when zoomed, seem slightly - and
      unnecessarily - amateurish.

      Sure, I'm told that with FPP I can alter the zoom keys myself - but
      it *should* have the most logical, standard key set by default.


      Keith Martin
      Technical Editor, MacUser magazine
      Author, Creative Suite 3 Integration (Focal Press)
      Senior Lecturer in Publishing, LCC (University of the Arts, London)
      design, programming, VR photography, consultancy


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