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18539Re: [PanoToolsNG] Silly question about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Ken Warner
    Mar 8, 2008
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      I think a more important question is what should be the default
      short cut key to a Help page.

      If that one short cut key was standardized, then it would be
      less important to make every pano viewer conform to one
      standard user interface. The later would be nice but
      it is unrealistic to expect different development groups from
      different companies/organizations to agree on anything let
      alone such a fundamental issue as a standard UI.

      All those separate entities might be able to agree on one key
      because it would be to their advantage to do so. And on my
      keyboard, there's already a key labeled Help.

      Keith Martin wrote:
      > Sometime around 8/3/08 (at 14:46 +0100) Philipp B. Koch said:
      >>At least for FPP it's definable in the XML. I personally use to set
      >>the PLUS and MINUS-keys for zoom in and out, since it's the same on
      >>every OS then. Anyway, because not every user knows she default
      >>shortcuts, I think it's not the worst to give a short note about it
      >>below the pano.
      > Absolutely. But I find it strange that it defaults to a key that's
      > frequently used for other things as part of a keystroke combination.
      > I mean, I can't even take a screenshot of a page without it zooming
      > out, dammit!
      > Sorry - but things like that do get to me, a little. It is great that
      > it can be configured to whatever you want the user to use, and yes, a
      > note about what key to use is sensible. But it is really daft to map
      > the zoom out to the command key by default!
      > k
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