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18536Re: [PanoToolsNG] Silly question about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Keith Martin
    Mar 8, 2008
      Sometime around 8/3/08 (at 14:46 +0100) Philipp B. Koch said:

      >At least for FPP it's definable in the XML. I personally use to set
      >the PLUS and MINUS-keys for zoom in and out, since it's the same on
      >every OS then. Anyway, because not every user knows she default
      >shortcuts, I think it's not the worst to give a short note about it
      >below the pano.

      Absolutely. But I find it strange that it defaults to a key that's
      frequently used for other things as part of a keystroke combination.
      I mean, I can't even take a screenshot of a page without it zooming
      out, dammit!

      Sorry - but things like that do get to me, a little. It is great that
      it can be configured to whatever you want the user to use, and yes, a
      note about what key to use is sensible. But it is really daft to map
      the zoom out to the command key by default!

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