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18535Re: [PanoToolsNG] Silly question about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Philipp B. Koch
    Mar 8, 2008
      Keith Martin schrieb:
      > Sometime around 8/3/08 (at 13:32 +0100) Philipp B. Koch said:
      >> Usually, whenever something on Mac is "Apple-Key", it's "Control" on the
      >> PC. Don't know which Flash VR-Player you mean, but for FPP for example
      >> it's Shift and Control by default on the PC.
      > FPP and Pano2VR. I wonder why the Mac shortcut is the Apple key, when
      > it is the Control key for QTVR on both platforms? Seems a bit odd.
      > Especially as I find myself zooming out madly whenever I start using
      > a keyboard shortcut of any kind while a Flash pano page is in focus.
      > Ahh well... thanks. :-)
      > k
      At least for FPP it's definable in the XML. I personally use to set the
      PLUS and MINUS-keys for zoom in and out,
      since it's the same on every OS then. Anyway, because not every user
      knows she default shortcuts, I think
      it's not the worst to give a short note about it below the pano.

      Regards, Ph.
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