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18435RE: [PanoToolsNG] Re: How much do you charge for a VR??

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  • Chris Thomas
    Mar 4, 2008
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      Hi Yannis.

      I'm a member of CAPIC and I don't sell my copyright on Panos to clients

      As you suggested.. I license the usage. The rate that I'm implimenting in
      Calgary and Vancouver is:

      *A "Capture" fee of $600.00.
      *Panos shot on the day of the "Capture" are licensed for $500.00/ year.
      *They can license 1 ........ several or none, if they like..
      Nobody has ever not licensed at least 1!

      I don't "host" the panos.... I turn over a web ready folder with .swf and
      xml files.
      I use FPP for this.


      Chris Thomas
      cell... 403-615-1212
      In North America
      call... 1-800-870-5110

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      Hi all,

      I think $ 250 is a good starting point. Underneath, possibly for real
      estate agents, for 3 to 6 months using, the time of the sale process.

      After everything is expandable depending on the complexity of
      shooting.So no limit for the maximum. I will be glad to hear someone
      sell a Vr for $5000.

      But I would like for mines nexts submissions, add a cost to use the
      VR for a period of time such as:
      $ 200 additional on production costs for 3 years of use , $ 300 for 5
      years, etc., but never a lifetime, VRs still property of the
      Fee is expandable if the compagny is international or local.

      It s the rule that applies photographers authors like CAPIC (THE

      It is in my opinion the way to do so that our work is a reward its
      fair value.
      I hope to encourage more of a demarche in this and especially Jean
      Pierre and Yuval, because we are in the same area. For this benefit
      to all if we go in this direction billing and enhance our rights.

      Any reactions of people who already use this system?

      I hope to be understand with my little english and especially by my
      customers coming.

      [Chris Thomas] snip
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