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18426Re: [PanoToolsNG] How much do you charge for a VR??

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  • Keith Martin
    Mar 4, 2008
      Sometime around 4/3/08 (at 07:19 -0500) Yuval Levy said:

      >If you need to do a lot of retouching at nadir and seam, the time spent
      >in Photoshop is not always predictable. An hourly rate for retouching on
      >top of the price for shooting and basic stitching may be appropriate.

      Very good points, Yuval.

      Just as an additional comment here, it is worth making sure the
      client doesn't see your retouching charges as paying for 'time spent
      correcting your mistakes'. If high quality is desired, most panos
      will need at least a small amount of retouching work.

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