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18417Re: [PanoToolsNG] How much do you charge for a VR??

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  • Yuval Levy
    Mar 4, 2008
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      jeanpierrelavoie wrote:
      > Here in Canada, I would say from $250 to $500 canadian dollars.

      it depends on the quality of the work provided, its use and how unique
      it is. rule number one of marketing is that the selling price of good is
      not related to production costs. It only has to be higher.

      To be higher it is important to be aware of production costs, which
      include amortization and dead time.

      Some cost factors are fixed and known in advance, others not. Some are
      predictable, others not. And of course it depends on the quality of the

      As an example, mileage is predictable but variable. Before you even
      start shooting, you spend time and money to get on location. If shoots
      can be grouped in a single time and location, you can spread these costs
      over multiple VR. Else, I charge for mileage. My charge here in Quebec
      was 0.55$/Km for the past three years.

      If you need to do a lot of retouching at nadir and seam, the time spent
      in Photoshop is not always predictable. An hourly rate for retouching on
      top of the price for shooting and basic stitching may be appropriate.

      Your average price look reasonable to me. Unfortunately it will preclude
      some markets to you, due to competition by "drive-by shooters". You
      don't want to be in those markets anyway, where the going price is
      $20/pano but the quality is nowhere near the high quality you produce.

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