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16054Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: new international rule about batteries

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  • Keith Martin
    Jan 4, 2008
      Sometime around 3/1/08 (at 22:02 -0800) Pat Swovelin said:

      >Have you ever had a conversation with anyone in the TSA at the security
      >check-in point and/or someone from Homeland Security?

      Well, not someone badged as Homeland Security, but I have had to
      explain the large, suspicious lump of highly-machined metal and the
      metal tubes in my carry-on bag to jumpy check-in security in San
      Francisco a couple of different times.

      The 360P Absolute head is a little scary (especially on x-rays) if
      you're looking for terrorists and don't have a clue about what it
      really is! Tripod parts just compound the problem too... but it was
      never worryingly difficult to explain. So far anyway.

      If I ever need to explain multiple batteries I'll leave the physics
      calculations for later and just say "oh, these all fall into the
      official 'small battery' category, they're well under the limit".
      Being clear, calm, confident and cooperative (the four Cs) normally
      helps a lot.

      The fact is, the people checking bags want to stop terrorists and
      other criminals, not futz about with honest and cooperative
      passengers. I've seen (second-hand) how petty they *can* be if
      handled wrongly, but if they're convinced that you're *really*
      harmless - and honestly are trying to stay in line - then human
      nature will begin to work on your side. Or so my experience has shown
      on a number of occasions... :-)

      Hmm. Perhaps now is the right point to say "your mileage may vary"?

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