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15971Re: new international rule about batteries

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  • pjb74nz
    Jan 1, 2008
      I would have thought it would be easier and cheaper to force the
      manufacturers to make safe batteries than have to check millions of
      passengers each year.

      Peter Banks

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Keith Martin <keith@...> wrote:
      > Sometime around 1/1/08 (at 19:26 +0000) Jean-Marc Paratte said:
      > >at end of this page:
      > Well, Scooby Doo! For a site that's got so much specific detail
      > that's spectacularly unhelpful. :-)
      > But with a quick look at
      > and some basic calculations, it seems that the Li-ion battery in my
      > old D70 (7.5V 1400mAh) delivers approximately 10.5 'watt-hours'.
      > (The maths: Although an electrician would point out that this isn't
      > *entirely* accurate, it is possible to determine watts if you know
      > amps and volts. Or in our case, watt-hours from milliamp-hours and
      > volts. The calculation is amp * volts = watts, or (mAh * 1000) *
      > volts = watt-hours.)
      > According to the Safe Travel site, 8g of 'equivalent lithium
      > delivers approximately 100 watt-hours. So it seems that my 1400mAh
      > D70 battery has a fraction more than 0.8g of 'equivalent lithium
      > content'.
      > The site then says very specifically:
      > "You can also bring up to two spare batteries
      > with an aggregate equivalent lithium content
      > of up to 25 grams, in addition to any batteries
      > that fall below the 8-gram threshold."
      > The line "in addition to any batteries that fall below the 8-gram
      > threshold" would seem to cover us for an open-ended quantity of
      > batteries of any kind I've ever seen.
      > Even if I've made a big error in the above calculations (it seems
      > pretty dang clear but all things are possible) our batteries are
      > significantly less beefy than the kind of laptop extender powerpack
      > or prosumer camcorder batteries the site shows.
      > I think we're safe. And if someone's still worried, take the
      > with you, perhaps laid out to look nice 'n' official, and use that
      > justify your dozens of spare Li-ion batteries. And remember to be
      > clear that they aren't Lithium Metal batteries. :-)
      > Department of Transport?
      > Department of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, more like...
      > k
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