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15479Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Best hard disks (RAID array question)

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  • mrjimbo
    Dec 13, 2007
      I agree with Robert about staying off Vista..
      As far as the Linux suggestion if your comfortable with taking that on go for it.. If that would all be new business for you ..Stick with XP pro..

      As far as the 64 bit OS.. their are many benefits to it but primarily that's the only way you can address more then 4gb of ram.

      As far as your raid set up.. either I missed info in an earlier post or you haven't gotten their as yet..

      Basically their are two kinds of raids... at a high level.. Hardware Raids and Software Raids... The hardware version typically costs more but generally are more trouble free. Beyond that you have to decide upon the interface. Today SCSI is still the fastest over Sata, or firewire I would not suggest considering anything using usb.. I have one machine set up which stripes to two disks for speed followed by mirroring to two more for redundency using 320 SCSI. That for me has proved so far to be my favorite set up. It was a bit spendy. It has proven to be secure and relatively fast. I have two other harware raids using 800 firewire.. Their ok but they are tempermental. I am gearing up to do another workstation and I'm going to replicate the SCSI set up but use Sata with the fastest Seagates I can acquire. Also note I don't have any OS on these drives They are for working jobs and current file and or jobs. One more thought...if you can afford to use a drive bay with trays do so.. Make sure to get an extra set of trays right from the get go.. Down the road when you've filled the drive or drives you can just start using another set to continue..

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      On 12/12/07, verifone411 <kieranmullen@...> wrote:
      > Regarding Raid setups.
      > For the original image location and the final finished file location.
      > Does this matter? Should either of these placed on different disks?
      > disk 1 original images
      > disk(s) 2 temp disk
      > disk 3 final image

      Naturally, the answer depends on your raid setup.

      > I doubt readyboost would help any in vista eh? There would be no easy
      > way to go back to xp pro 64.

      Might not be so hard, actually, but I'd recommend going to the 32-bit
      XP Pro. There's some nasty problems in 64-bit XP, mostly in regards
      to software issues and driver issues. And in my opinion, the
      advantages of Vista are outweighed by the shortcomings of that
      operating system.

      > I have vista home premium. If I am going
      > to stick with Vista should I upgrade to the better version of vista? I
      > have a 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.6ghz and I do not know if it is
      > optimized for 64 bit.

      I seriously doubt you have a 64-bit Vista, but you might. Take a look
      at this site: <http://www.windows-vista-update.com/Windows_Vista_64_bit.html>
      for much better info on both Vista and XP and 64-bit.

      Another option to consider is a Linux distribution (aka 'distro') and
      install on it a virtualization solution such as VMWare workstation.
      You can run essentially any other operating system (even Mac, though
      with some issues) inside a virtual machine, and I'd wager that you
      could run XP Pro 32-bit inside that vm faster than you could run Vista
      with Aero directly on the hardware, especially with a distro that has
      a small footprint in terms of memor and cpu requirements. In my
      opinion Linux offers the best utilization of your machine's 64-bit
      dual-core heart. That's a very respectable piece of hardware you
      have, by the way. Might as well use it to its fullest extent.

      Obviously, you would initially want to make the machine dual-bootable,
      or even tri- or quad-bootable if you have sufficient harddrive space.
      Do that and you'll literally have the best of all worlds and you can
      have the freedom to choose the best solution available to you at the
      time you need it.

      Go ahead... your machine can take it. ;c)


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