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15287Re: [PanoToolsNG] no support for this output image format

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  • Bruno Postle
    Dec 5, 2007
      On Wed 05-Dec-2007 at 11:30 -0000, Paul wrote:
      >I'm using libpano13
      >When I try to get PTmender to output to TIFF or PSD using this line in
      >the script:

      >No support for this ouput image format (TIFF). Output will be TIFF_m

      Multilayer TIFF output support was removed from PTmender, in fact
      everything except TIFF_m was removed on the grounds that these could
      all be assembled from TIFF_m with other tools.

      i.e there is another tool in libpano13 called PTtiff2psd which can
      be used to assemble multilayer PSD files.

      >Ideally, I would like the output format to be a multi-layered tiff,
      >and what I am trying to achieve is an output where the images are
      >lined up ready to be blended together.

      Are you sure you want multilayer TIFF? My understanding is that it
      is only supported by the gimp/cinepaint.

      Alternatively you can use nona (part of hugin), which can still
      output multilayer TIFF.

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