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15279Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: PTgui -- why doesnt it just use RAM?

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  • Joost Nieuwenhuijse
    Dec 4, 2007
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      matt_nolan_uaf wrote:
      > This is because PTGui was already using RAM..
      >> PTGui stores temporary data in temp files, but due to the OS's file
      >> system caching, the files never really get written to disk but
      > instead
      >> they are cached in RAM. Only for large panoramas the OS will not
      > have
      >> enough cache memory and that's when the temporary files actually
      > start
      >> being written to disk.
      > I guess I'm missing something easy and fundamental. For fisheye
      > sperhical projects using only a GB or so, does this mean that using a
      > virtual RAM disk will have no benefit on any computer, not just my
      > slow, bloated one?

      If you have enough RAM, yes. Windows will effectively emulate a RAM disk
      by means of file caching.

      > Also, if everything is happening in RAM already
      > with a small stitch, why is there a hard disk bottleneck at all?

      For small panoramas there should not be a hard disk bottleneck, assuming
      that disk caching is enabled for your temp drive (thanks to Bernhard for
      pointing that out..)

      > What I'm trying to decide at the moment is whether it's worth
      > investing in something like the iRAM disks, or whether virtual RAM
      > disks would do the same thing but better. These iRAM disks seem to
      > be an order of magnitude faster or more than the fastest spinning
      > disks. Any insights would be appreciated.

      I think it will not make much difference, but the only way to find out
      is by trying. But that could be an expensive experiment, I agree..

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