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15172Re: [PanoToolsNG] Best hard disks and LCD monitors for panoramic performance

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  • panotools@360image.de
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Hi Matt,
      > Alternately you could set up a RAID for your scratch disk with a bunch of
      I can confirm that. With all the talk on I/O speed lately I did install
      a hardware Raid0 (striping) with the 2 (80 gig) scratch discs i had
      running with my dedicated stitcher box. I also moved the enblend
      ,smartblend and autopano plugins to those discs. Turns out that the
      speedtest files where finished at 1 min 25 sec as compared to 1 min and
      55 sec before. It does not sound like much, but its an improvement of
      35% with the same hardware as before. Not bad for a single core 2 ghz/
      3gig ram AMD box. It took less than 10 minutes to do...

      In case some testers want to do that and redo a a speedtest you are
      invited to send me your results.

      Cheers, Milko
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