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15171Re: [PanoToolsNG] PTgui -- why doesnt it just use RAM?

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  • panotools@360image.de
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Hi Matt,
      > What I'm fairly certain of is that in the 5 hours it takes my dual core
      > 2GHz machine (2:30 minutes on Milko's speedtest) to stitch a 16bit
      > 11,000x5500 image, my CPU reads 5-10% most of the time and my disks are
      > not being accessed much of this time (and could write 1GB a few hundred
      > times in that time anyway, if that were truly the bottleneck).
      5 hours seems a bit excessive. Although, you work on a laptop which have
      low speed hdd usually.
      On your speedtest results you mention an external 500gig drive connected
      with USB2.
      Are you hosting the panorama project files and sources on that drive?
      And where are you sending your temp files to?

      Cheers, Milko
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