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15170OT: Nostalgia - Was "PTgui -- why doesnt it just use RAM?"

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  • Charlie Hubbard
    Dec 1, 2007
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      > here in Brazil RAM is getting very cheap everyday too
      > I remember the first MAC I use in the 90's and the price was 1 dolar
      > for each 1mb :-(

      Yes it still amazes me how cheap computer equipment has become. There
      seems to be no end. I'm a bit older than you, I think. I got my first
      computer around 1979 or 1980. RAM cost 200 dollars (US) for 16 kilobytes
      (but dropped to $100 for 16kB before the thing was completely obsolete).
      And prices have been plummeting ever since. I remember when the first
      1GB hard disks came out. They were big, noisy, power hungry, and very
      expensive. I remember thinking at the time "How could I ever possibly
      use up an entire gigabyte?!" I knew a guy who had one. He had it
      partitioned into 16 or so logical drives to keep the file system's block
      size reasonably small. Today it's pretty routine to have single files
      larger than 1GB. I remember getting a 3GB external SCSI drive out at
      work in the early 90's. We had it sitting on a typing table next to the
      computer. It was a monster. The table actually shook when the drive
      was spinning up. Today I carry an 8GB thumb drive in my pocket. Who
      can forget Bill Gates' 1983 quote "Nobody will ever need more than 640
      kB of RAM." Today even modest computers have 1- or 2,000 times that
      much RAM. I remember when 640x480 reigned supreme and JPGs were
      extremely annoying because it took SO DAMN LONG for them to decode.
      Times have changed. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.
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