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15160PTgui -- why doesnt it just use RAM?

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  • matt_nolan_uaf
    Dec 1, 2007
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      To create a hi-res spherical, PTgui says 7 tiffs at 70MB each requires
      about 1GB of scratch disk -- if I have 4 GB of RAM, why does it need a
      disk at all except to save the final image? Wouldn't doing everything
      in RAM dramatically speed things up, especially since disk I/O seems to
      be the bottleneck?

      I'm no computer guru, so maybe this is a naive question and I'm missing
      something simple.

      What I'm fairly certain of is that in the 5 hours it takes my dual core
      2GHz machine (2:30 minutes on Milko's speedtest) to stitch a 16bit
      11,000x5500 image, my CPU reads 5-10% most of the time and my disks are
      not being accessed much of this time (and could write 1GB a few hundred
      times in that time anyway, if that were truly the bottleneck).

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