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15123Re: [PanoToolsNG] 40D vs XTi for panos

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  • Luca Vascon
    Nov 30, 2007
      in focussing is a REAL plus.
      Try to focus a 55mm 1/1.2 Olympus Zuiko on a Canon camera...

      Charlie Hubbard ha scritto:
      > I can't talk about fisheye shots specifically, but I have a 40D and I've
      > found the live preview feature to be invaluable when taking star photos
      > and other night work. The live preview has up to 10x zoom. Zoomed in
      > like that, it's much easier to get good crisp focus on stars than trying
      > to do it through the view finder. That's the one and only time I ever
      > use live preview, but, for that, it works spectacularly.
      > I upgraded from a 20D to a 40D for the dust removal, the deeper memory
      > buffer, the faster processing and the 14 bits/color/pixel it gives you
      > in raw mode (it also has a slightly larger pixel count, but I was happy
      > with the resolution of the 20D, so...). Live preview wasn't something I
      > cared about. I was really surprised when I found out that, in the right
      > circumstance, it can actually be extremely useful.
      > bigwade wrote:
      > > Can anyone explain me why a live view is important with fisheye shots ?
      > > Focussing (:-)) ?
      > > Just need histogram and highlight clipping, that's all.
      > > Have Fun.
      > >
      > >
      > >
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