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15089Re: [PanoToolsNG] 40D vs XTi for panos

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  • Charlie Hubbard
    Nov 29, 2007
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      I can't talk about fisheye shots specifically, but I have a 40D and I've
      found the live preview feature to be invaluable when taking star photos
      and other night work. The live preview has up to 10x zoom. Zoomed in
      like that, it's much easier to get good crisp focus on stars than trying
      to do it through the view finder. That's the one and only time I ever
      use live preview, but, for that, it works spectacularly.

      I upgraded from a 20D to a 40D for the dust removal, the deeper memory
      buffer, the faster processing and the 14 bits/color/pixel it gives you
      in raw mode (it also has a slightly larger pixel count, but I was happy
      with the resolution of the 20D, so...). Live preview wasn't something I
      cared about. I was really surprised when I found out that, in the right
      circumstance, it can actually be extremely useful.

      bigwade wrote:
      > Can anyone explain me why a live view is important with fisheye shots ?
      > Focussing (:-)) ?
      > Just need histogram and highlight clipping, that's all.
      > Have Fun.
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