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15086Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: 40D vs XTi for panos

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  • Andrew Crawford
    Nov 29, 2007
      robert_harshman wrote:
      > As noted, the live preview could be of great use, but perhaps even
      > more useful is the larger buffer and faster write speeds of the 40D.
      > When using the XTi and bracketing I often find myself having to wait
      > for the buffer to clear. On a partly cloudy day or in a active
      > environment this is obviously an issue.

      > Robert

      I was actually very interested in the live preview feature, too. It
      would be *very* convenient for some of the macro shots I like to take,
      keeping me from having to spend as much time with my face pressed into
      the dirt.

      I spoke to a Canon rep at a seminar awhile back. He was talking about
      the live preview feature. He said that the reason the older Canons do
      not have it is because it is very hard on the sensor, rapidly causing
      damage under many common circumstances. Smaller cameras with smaller
      sensors and lenses letting in less light do not have as much of a
      problem with this. He said that the live preview feature was being
      added due to popular demand but, that there would be a warning in the
      manuals explaining the risk. He also said that, very likely, such
      damage would be excluded from warranty coverage.

      I wouldn't consider this an official position from Canon but, you might
      want to check the manual or with Canon on that.


      Andrew Crawford
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