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15062Re: 40D vs XTi for panos

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  • robert_harshman
    Nov 29, 2007
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      Hi Roger,

      It is a tough choice as you could buy two Xti's for the price of one

      I got the XTi for pano use as soon as it came out, the dust reduction
      function was why I got it over a 30D.

      Now that the 40D has this feature too, it's much closer but I also
      have to say go for the 40D.

      As noted, the live preview could be of great use, but perhaps even
      more useful is the larger buffer and faster write speeds of the 40D.
      When using the XTi and bracketing I often find myself having to wait
      for the buffer to clear. On a partly cloudy day or in a active
      environment this is obviously an issue.

      I'm planning on getting a 40D soon myself to replace the XTi as my
      main pano camera.

      And could you use a Xti or 40D interchangeably on a precision head,
      don't think so if your looking for precise alignment as the distance
      from the bottom to the center of the lens appears to me to be at
      least 2mm or more different.


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