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1502240D vs XTi for panos

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  • Roger Howard
    Nov 28, 2007
      I've been considering an early holiday gift for myself - I've put (way)
      over 100,000 shots on my poor old 20D and I'm ready for another Canon
      DSLR for shooting panos... it doesn't have to be used for anything else
      - I am not real concerned about performance beyond use for panos. I'd
      love to stick with a 1.6x crop so I don't change the lensing at the
      moment - I may get a fullframe this year for regular shooting, but since
      I do a lot with a Sigma 8 I'm not real interested in switching to a
      fullframe at the moment. That seems to leave me with two good options -
      40D and XTi.

      Anyone have practical experience with both? Aside from body styling
      differences, opinions? How similar is the body size/proportions between
      the 20D and 40D? Close enough to use the same 360Precision setup?

      Thanks for input,
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