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12570Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: First post

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  • Yuval Levy
    Sep 2, 2007
      Don French wrote:
      > I don't look forward to spending a lot of time
      > figuring out how to install and configure Linux though. I wonder if
      > it is it worth it.

      a release of the current hugin for windows is in the pipeline. if you
      can wait a few weeks, you don't need linux.

      that said, with ubuntu it is a breeze. there is not much to configure
      other than run the gui installer from the CD.

      hugin is part of the distribution, so also here not much to configure.
      the simplest way to get it is to start a terminal window and type the
      following three lines ($ is the command line prompt, type only what is
      behind that):

      $ sudo apt-get install libpano
      $ sudo apt-get install enblend
      $ sudo apt-get install hugin

      the first line gets you the panotools library.
      the second line gest you enblend.
      the third one installs hugin and you should see it right in your menu.

      even installing and compiling from source is not that difficult:

      1. get hugin from the repository:

      $ cd
      $ svn co https://hugin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/hugin hugin
      $ cd hugin/hugin/trunk

      2. configure - ccmake does it all automatically, so all you have to do
      is press c to configure and g to save the configuration.

      $ ccmake .

      3. build. might take some time:

      $ make

      4. test.

      $ hugin

      5. if the application starts, install

      $ sudo make install

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