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12569Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: How to show Panoramas on WindowsMobile6 PPC?

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  • Keith Martin
    Sep 2, 2007
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      Sometime around 2/9/07 (at 10:21 -0400) Yuval Levy said:

      >Keith Martin wrote:
      >> where's the UK iPhone?
      >don't hold your breath - it currently does not play VR.

      Yes, very frustrating. But while the phone I have now can play VRs in
      a large 640x480 screen - it is really not much good at all as a
      phone! :-) I might just relegate it to being a pocket VR demo machine
      if I got (or rather when I get) an iPhone.

      (Although VR support in some way in the iPhone would be absolutely
      wonderful. Of course.)

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